Dr. David Sinclair

Queen Mary Vision Laboratory seminar

A range of Real time video processing on a dedicated low power video

Dr. David Sinclair
Alphamosaic Ltd, Science Park, Milton Rd, Cambridge
www.alphamosaic.com, david.sinclair@alphamosaic.com

Wednesday 3rd December, 12-1pm
Room CS-338


Alphamosaic is a fab-less video processor company. I will demo some of
the computer vision applications that we have developed for our current
chip (VC01). VC01 is well suited to low cost peripheral camera
applications for usein distributed vision systems (and is sufficiently
low power to be run from powered Ethernet).

The applications we would like to demo are:

Real time robust template tracking. A set of sub-templates are tracked
and a median flow filter is applied to their motions to give a robust
motion estimate. The templates can be allowed to update themselves to
cope with a degree of appearance change as an object moves.

Real time feature extraction and Delaunay triangulation. A non-linear
operator that responds to dark going edges has been written. Extended
areas of response to this operator are agglomerated into features.
Delaunay triangulation is performed on these features to give a sparse
representation of what is in an image and to give explicit
representation to freespace.

General processor capability demos. We can demo MPEG1,2,3 and 4 codecs,
real time interactive morphing of a video stream and interactive games
that use the camera tracking the environment as the joystick. There is
also a web server available for our chip making communication with
applications straightforward.

There is a tool chain and development board available to the chip. Our
development boards comprise a board with a VC01 chip, VGA CMOS camera,
colour LCD, flash or network card slot and a debugging port.