Recent events and seminars

‘Kick-off meeting of the SHL Challenge 2021’
by Dr Lin Wang —Ubicomp 2021, Mexico, April 2021.
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‘Acoustic sensing from multi-rotor drones’
by Dr Lin Wang — UK Acoustic Network (UKAN) Webinar, March 2021.
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‘Less is More: Visual Search without Image and with User Ownership at the Edge’
by Prof. Shaogang Gong –International Video Intelligence Forum, Dublin, Ireland, September 2020.
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‘Federated Zero-Shot Learning: From Privacy Preserving to Text Guided Search’
by Prof. Shaogang Gong — International Conference in Sensor Signal Processing for Defence: from Sensor to Decision, Edinburgh, Scotland, September 2020.
‘Privacy-preserving Machine Learning for Multimedia Data’
by Prof. Andrea Cavallaro –9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, February 2020.
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‘Body cameras: audio-visual learning and privacy-preserving analytics’
by Prof. Andrea Cavallaro –9th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention, December 2019.
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‘Multimodal Learning for Robust and Privacy Preserving Analytics’
by Prof. Andrea Cavallaro — Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition, November 2019.
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‘Talk at 2nd Bristol Drone Cinematography workshop’
by Dr Lin Wang –Bristol University, November 2019.
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‘Second International Workshop on Target Re-identification and Multi-target Multi-Camera Tracking’
by Prof. Shaogang Gong — IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR),  Long Beach, CA, USA, June 2019.
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‘Wider Face and Pedestrian Challenge’
by Prof. Shaogang Gong — European Conference on Computer Vision, Munich, Germany, September 2018.
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‘First International Workshop on Target Re-identification and Multi-target Multi-Camera Tracking’
by Prof. Shaogang Gong — IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR),  Honolulu, USA, July 2017.
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Past events and seminars

‘Face and People Identification’
by Stan Li — National Lab of Pattern Recognition, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 15.00-16.00, Mon 1st Sept, 2014
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‘A series of talks in the framework of the 2014 Intelligent Sensing Summer School’
by — the Centre for Intelligent Sensing, QMUL, 26th-28th August, 2014
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‘Automated Mobility: How environment awareness technologies will
“drive” intelligent transportation of the future’

by Xin Chen– Nokia HERE North America, Thur 10 July, 2014
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‘Weakly Supervised Learning of Objects, Attributes and their Associations’
by Zhiyuan Shi– Computer Vision Group, QMUL, July 2nd, 2014
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‘Domain Transfer for Person Re-identification’
by Ryan Layne– Computer Vision Group, QMUL, June 4th, 2014
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‘ Relative Attribute Prediction by Robust Learning to Rank ‘
by Yanwei Fu– Computer Vision Group, QMUL, May 14th, 2014
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‘Person Re-identification by Discriminative Video Fragment Ranking’
by Taiqing Wang– Computer Vision Group, QMUL, April 2nd, 2014
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‘ Regression Forests for Face Alignment’
by Heng Yang– Multimedia and Vision Group, QMUL, March 12th, 2014
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‘Dense non-rigid motion capture from monocular video’
by Ravi Garg– Computer vision group, QMUL, 5th Feb 2014
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‘Video Synopsis by Heterogeneous Multi-Source Correlation’
by Xiatian Zhu– Computer vision group, QMUL, 8th Jan 2014
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‘Seeing and Understanding People’
by Professor Richard BOWDEN — University of Surrey, 21st March 2011
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‘Image-based Modeling’
by Professor Long QUAN — The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 8th July 2010
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‘Joint Random Fields for Moving Vehicle Detection’
by Dr Yang Wang from Neville Roach Laboratory, NICTA, Australia, 10th Sept. 2008
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‘Unified Computation of Strict Maximum Likelihood for Geometric Fitting’
by Professor Kenichi Kanatani, Department of Computer Science, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan, 5th Sept. 2008
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‘Latent identity variables for face recognition: from distance based methods to probabilistic inference’
by Dr Simon Prince, Department of Computer Science, University College London(UCL), London, UK, 25th Jul. 2007
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‘STaR: Smart Transport and Roads’
by Dr Gleen Geers of National ICT Australia, 19th Oct 2006
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‘3D Object recognition with local features’
by Dr Francesca Odone of the University of Genova, 8th May 2006
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‘Continuous Parallax Adjustment for 3D-TV’
by Mr Andrea Colombari of the University of Verona, 2nd Dec 2005..
‘PLUS Factorisation of Matrices,’
by Dr Pengwei Hao of Queen Mary University of London, 8th Jun 2005..
An informal talk entitled ‘Some thoughts on Feature Selection’ by Professor Alessandro Verri of the Department of Computer Science, University of Genoa, Italy.
4th March 2005.
‘Multi-view temporal tracking under weak perspective in real-time’ by Alex Po Leung.
‘Why do we need robust computer vision?’ by Alessio Del Bue.
‘Extracting and Quantifying the Significant Information from Video’ by Hayley Hung.
‘Hallucinating Multiple Occluded Face Images of Different Resolutions’ by Chris Jia Kui.
‘Robust facial expression recognition using local binary patterns’ by Caifeng Shan.
‘Computer Generated Aesthetically Pleasing Images’ by Milan Verma.
‘An adaptive background model based on co-occurrence and incremental learning’ by David Russell.
‘Latent Space Analysis in the problem of image annotation’ by Yong Wang.4th Annual Postgraduate Conference in Computer Science.
February 2005, Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.
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‘Learning from Examples as an Inverse Problem’
by Lorenzo Rosasco of the Department of Computer Science, Universita’ di Genova, Italy.
November 29th 2004.
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‘3D Reconstruction based on interval analysis’
by Ms Michela Farenzena of the University of Verona, June 28th 2004
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‘Learning to describe human activity and body pose from images’
by Dr Stephen McKenna of the University of Dundee, June 23rd 2004.

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‘A Simulation of Cognitive Human Vision’
by Dr David Sheerin of QinetiQ,
17th May 2004.
Followed by a short talk on ‘Quantifying Temporal Saliency’
by Ms Hayley Hung of the Queen Mary Vision Laboratory.
More information on both.
‘Activity Based Surveillance Video Segmentation’ by Dr Tao Xiang of the Queen Mary Vision Laboratory. 24th March 2004. BMVA symposium on Spatio Temporal Image Processing.
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‘From Science Fiction to Reality, Computer Vision Serving the Society’ an inaugaral lecture by Professor Shaogang Gong of the Queen Mary Vision Laboratory.
19th February 2004.
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‘Ontology-driven Inference and Fusion for Image and Video Analysis’ by Christopher Town, University of Cambridge and AT&T Labs Research.
28th January 2004.
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‘Graph-spectal Methods for Computer Vision’ by Dr Antonio Robles-Kelly of the Department of Computer Science, The University of York. 8th December 2003. More information.
‘A range of Real time video processing on a dedicated low power video processor’ by Dr David Sinclair of Alphamosaic Ltd, Science Park, Milton Rd, Cambridge. 3rd December 2003. More information.
‘Application of Fisher Information to Line Detection’ by Professor Steve Maybank of Birkbeck College, University of London. 26th November 2003. More information.
‘Activity based video indexing’ by Andrew Graves.

‘Tracking and Synthesis of Facial Expressions across large Viewsphere of Virtual 3D Views’ by Lukasz Zalewski.

‘Non-rigid 3D shape recovery using factorization’ by Alessio Del Bue.

‘Towards Modelling the Semantics of Natural Human Body Movement’ by Hayley Hung.

3rd Annual Postgraduate Conference in Computer Science, at Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.
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‘Extending approximated maximum likelihood estimators for Computer Vision’ by Dr Anton Van den Hengel, Department of Computer Science, University of Adelaide (Australia). 24th September 2003. More information.
‘A Prototype Face Recognition System for Indexing of Unconstrained Video’ by Dr Simon Clippingdale of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Science & Technology Research Labs. 17th September 2003. More information.
‘Active Control of Zoom’ by Dr Benjamin Tordoff of the Active Vision Laboratory, Robotics Research Group, University of Oxford. 9th June 2003. More information.
‘Wearable Visual Robots’ by Walterio W. Mayol-Cuevas of the Active Vision Lab, Dep. Engineering Science, University of Oxford. 17th February 2003. More information.