Dr David Sheerin

Queen Mary Vision Laboratory seminar

GTV: A Simulation of Cognitive Human Vision
Date: Mon 17th May 1:00
Location: Room CS 338
Speaker: Dr David Sheerin, QinetiQ

One of the key problems in developing Enhanced and Synthetic Vision Systems is evaluating their effectiveness in
enhancing human visual performance. A validated simulation of human vision would provide a means of avoiding costly
and time-consuming testing of human observers. An image-based simulation of human visual search, detection, and
identification will be described together with efforts to further validate and refine it. One of the advantages of an
image-based simulation is that it can predict performance for exactly the same visual stimuli seen by human operators.
This makes it possible to assess aspects of the imagery, such as particular types and amounts of background clutter
and sensor distortions, that are not usually considered in non-image based models. We present results of validation
studies together with practical implementations.

The seminar will be followed by a discussion and by an informal presentation by Ms Hayley Hung (Computer Science, QM)

Quantifying Temporal Saliency

A significant problem in automatic scene interpretation is the ability to perform contextually meaningful segmentation
of both static and moving images using a bottom-up approach. We examine and propose an extension to Kadir and Brady’s
Scale Saliency Algorithm for quantifying temporal saliency and performing automatic spatial and temporal scale