Prof. Shaogang Gong

Queen Mary Vision Laboratory Inaugural Lecture:

From Science Fiction to Reality: Computer Vision Serving the Society

Dr Shaogang Gong
Professor of Visual Computation
Queen Mary, University of London

Hosted by Professor Adrian Smith FRS, Principal of QMUL

Chaired by Professor Sir Michael Brady FRS
Professor of Information Engineering
University of Oxford

Thursday 19 February at 5:30pm

Skeel Lecture Theatre
People’s Palace
Queen Mary, University of London
London E1 4NS

Tea at 5pm in the Gallery Restaurant
A reception will follow the lecture in the Gallery Restaurant

Brief introduction to the lecture:

From Arthur Clarke’s HAL in a space odyssey to David Marr’s theory of
computational vision, generations of scientists over the past 40 years have
been inspired to build machines equipped with an artificial visual system
equal to that of humans. This lecture will highlight some of the technical
challenges and recent progress in computer vision; and its roles in serving
today’s society from visually mediated human-machine interface to visual