Current Projects

INSIGHT: Video Analysis and Selective Zooming using Semantic Models of Human Presence and Activity (2004-2007)
INSIGHT is an EPSRC and MOD DSTL jointly funded three years project under the EPSRC Technologies for Crime Prevention and Detection Programme.

INSIGHT aims to advance the state-of-the-art in semantic content analysis of CCTV recordings for automatic semantic video tagging, search and pro-active sampling. Shaogang Gong, Tony Xiang, Melanie Aurnhammer, David Russell, Chris Jia Kui and Andrew Graves

SAMURAI: Suspicious and Abnormal behaviour Monitoring Using a netwoRk of cAmeras for sItuation awareness enhancement

SAMURAI is a collaborative project funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme Theme 10 (Security). The aim of SAMURAI is to develop and integrate an innovative intelligent surveillance system for monitoring people and vehicle activities at both inside and surrounding areas of a critical public infrastructure.

BEWARE: Behaviour based Enhancement of Wide-Area Situational Awareness in a Distributed Network of CCTV Cameras

BEWARE is a project funded by EPSRC and MOD to develop models for video-based people tagging (consistent labelling) and behaviour monitoring across a distributed network of CCTV cameras for the enhancement of global situational awareness in a wide area.

Current Research

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