Previous members

Dr Samuel Pachoud,
Dr David Russell,
Dr Jun Li,
Professor Ja Young Koo,
Dr Wang Yong (Tristan),
Dr Caifeng(Kevin) Shan, Philips Research
Dr Alex Leung, University of Leoben, Austria
Dr Chris Jia Kui, Hong Kong
Dr Hayley Hung, IDIAP
Dr Huaijun Qiu,
Dr Jianguo Zhang,
Dr Andrew Graves, London
Dr Xavier Llado, Girona
Dr Alessio Del Bue, Lisbon
Professor Heather M. Liddell,
Professor Dennis Parkinson,
Michela Farenzena,
Dr Melanie Aurnhammer, Sony Labs, Paris
Dr Adam Sherwood, London
Jae Ho Lee, Eletronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
Chen Ying,
Dr Keith Anderson,
Dr Andrew Anderson, London UCL
Justin Lim, Sony
Dr Vejen Hlebarov, London City
Dr Jeffrey Ng Sing Kwong, London Imperial
Dr Ting-Hsun 'Jack' Chang, Tiawan
Dr Ong Eng-Jon, Surrey
Dr Yongmin Li, Brunel
Dr Alexandra Psarrou, London Westminster
Dr Jonathan Tanner, London Westminster
Dr Michael Walter, London Westminster
Dr Jamie Sherrah, Safehouse/ClarityVI
Professor Hilary Buxton, Sussex
Dr Jonathan Howell, Sussex
Dr Stephen McKenna, Dundee
J.J. Collins, Limerick
Dr Fernando De la Torre, Barcelona
Paul Verity,

Some of the forwarding details may be out of date. If you have something newer please contact the webmaster.

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Updated January 2014