HUMANIS, Human Motion Analysis from Image Sequences

Non-Rigid and Articulated Motion Analysis from Image Sequences


  • September 2012: My PhD student Marco Paladini has been awarded the 2011 BMVA Sullivan Prize for his PhD Thesis with title "Deformable and Articulated 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video Sequences". The Sullivan prize is awarded each year by the British Machine Vision Association to the best doctoral thesis submitted to a UK University, in the field of Computer Vision.

  • August 2012: New papers accepted to ECCV'12 and ISMAR'12.

  • April 2012: I have been invited to lecture at the International Computer Vision Summer School ICVSS 2012 this July in Sicily.

  • April 2012: Opening (1 PhD studentship) - Starting Sept 2012. I am looking for an outstanding candidate to work on dense non-rigid and articulated 3D reconstruction from monocular video. If you are interested please email me directly.

  • December 2011: New papers accepted to IJCV and PAMI.

  • November 2011: Slides from the Tutorial on Non-Rigid Registration and Reconstruction I gave at ICCV 2011 together with Adrien Bartoli and Alessio Del Bue.

  • July 2011: New paper accepted to ICCV 2011.PDF CODE
    Automated Articulated Structure and 3D Shape Recovery from Point Correspondences Joao Fayad, Chris Russell and Lourdes Agapito, in IEEE International Conference in Computer Vision (ICCV 2011 Barcelona, Spain, November 2011.

  • March 2011: New paper accepted to CVPR 2011.PDF CODE
    Energy Based Multiple Model Fitting for Non-Rigid SFM Chris Russell, Joao Fayad and Lourdes Agapito, in IEEE Conference in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2011 Colorado Springs, USA, June 2011.